About me

Hi I’m Tracy Johnson, a Master Practitioner of NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapist, Registered IEMT Practitioner, Coach and Trainer.

To find out more about how I do it, the approaches I use and the principles that support them please visit my Approaches I use page for more information. Here you’ll also find links to more information about each.


I’m based in the North west and have extensive experience in working with

People. Working as a Manager with families for the last 20 years + and more recently within Domestic Violence Services.

I offer a practical techniques and understanding of change and development, with a friendly down to earth approach.

I have worked in Children & Family services for over 20 years running a family centre in Rochdale, then more recently, managing a Domestic Violence Service in Blackburn. I’m passionate about working with people to help them be the ‘best version’ of themselves.

I’m based in Whitworth in Rochdale and work from home and community bases offering 1-1 sessions using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, OldPain2Go, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)to help people bring about postive changes in their lives that ripple out around families & communities.

I also work from Serenity Self care & Wellbeing in Darwen, and appointments can be booked via Gina at Serenity. You can find out more about Serenity by visiting their https://serenityselfcare.org.uk/

I also offer bespoke training & development opportunities for services working with people to increase engagement, positive outcomes and collaboration.

If you’d like to know more about how I may be able to help you, please visit How can I help you? page for more information.

Alternatively you can contact me to arrange a no obligation consultation and we can take it from there.


Hear what people are saying about me:


“Absolutely fabulous, I’m in shock I never expected to be leaving with practically no pain-so happy! Thank you”


“I could feel the pain leaving me as it was told to leave. This is definitely a strategy I would use to relax and reinforce the message my sub-conscious has been told”


“I don’t believe it you can’t have got rid of my pain in my shoulder”


Amazing how can you in an hour change how I look at the world, you have though.

Tracy ask me to do something different do anything different, so I have moving forward not backwards”

“Wow just Wow”


“Tracy reminds you of the resources you already have, to be positive about yourself, and gives you tools/techniques to move forward” I am now more confident, and I like what I see in the Mirror” L.


“Feel like I have been on Holiday, so relaxed feel good”


“WOW that was weird a good weird though, I went to a place that I have never been but needed to and it is such a relief. I feel lighter.


“change is just like breathing, take a big breath and make it happen”


“clear, direct and persistent. Felt comfortable with the delivery, supportive approach. Clear knowledge and skills used”.


“NLP is a therapy that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Tracy`s approach is one that enables a person to identify with what is really happening, rather that what you may imagine it to be. Her ability to use a model that encompasses past present and future enables you to attempt to heal negative experiences and move forward.
NLP stays with you days after the actual session.


“Tracy`s ability to empower a person means you are able to stop in your tracks when a problem arises and draw on your own values and problem solving approach to achieve a positive outcome. If you feel surrounded by negative thoughts, are unable to make sense of things or simply need to move forward and let go of `baggage`, give Tracy a call . You will be in investing in your health and you will possess your own tool box to draw from when times get hard.”


“Thank you

“Tracy, when I first met you, I had reached rock bottom, you helped me to pull myself back on my own two feet and focus on the future instead of dwelling on my past, the amount of gratitude I have towards you is unbelievable”