Approaches I use

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was developed in the 1970’s by John Grinder, a linguist, and Richard Bandler-a psychologist.

Why I use NLP?

It helps you to remember that you have all the resources you need or can create them to help you change what is going on for you in your life. It makes sense of the world through our senses, and that body and mind are one system.

We together will look at the way you use language to order your thoughts to communicate to others and how to organise our ideas and our actions/behaviour to produce results that work for you.




IEMT-Integral Eye Movement Therapy (Waggy Finger)

Why I use IEMT?

Simply it reduces stuff that has been stuck for a long-time e.g. Anxiety/Trauma. It reduces or completely removes what is going on for you.


IEMT is a brief technique that utilises applied neurological principles to generate rapid change in a area of negative neurological imprints.

Imprints can be both emotional and/or identity related.

Why Waggy Finger because I move my finger in front of your eyes (whilst you follow it with your eyes), not your head, in a pattern of 6 each moving to a different axis, to turn down the emotion.

No trance no hypnosis

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Old Pain 2 Go

is at the head of a revolution in how Old Pain messages can be dramatically reduced or removed, rather than just managed.

Why I use Old Pain 2 Go

it does reduce or remove pain! I am living proof of it.

What happens in a session I will get your story of how, when and where the pain started, then I will ask your unconscious mind a set of 3 questions, which I need a YES to for all 3. Together we bargain with your unconscious to let go of what you now longer need or serves you well, this can be emotional or a physical pain.

It just works!!

No trance No Hypnosis

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it is nothing more than an increased focus and/or narrowing of attention. This can be internal or external. A relaxed type of trance is created when we focus internally and a heightened sense of awareness when focused externally (for instance when playing sport).

It is the glue that helps to make therapy stick, on a deeper level for my clients.

Hypnotherapy works on both a conscious and unconscious level and so changes can often be surprisingly quick, positive and long lasting.

Why I use Hypnotherapy?


most of us experience hypnotherapy every day, most of us go into a light trance when reading, watching television or daydreaming and have you ever driven somewhere and wonder how you had got there.

My clients come with concerns that I will make them do silly things, against their will. If you are not willing to work together with me and are resistant Hypnotherapy will not work.

I love Hypnotherapy it enables me as a therapist to work at a deeper level with my client and is my overarching technique that I use.

For me it is just lovely to see the reaction on a client face after Hypnotherapy session, they just look so calm, sometimes younger, revived and refreshed.

In this busy world is that not a nice place to be.


I’m fully insured and registered with the General Hypnosis Register, Information Commissioners office and The Complementary Natural Healthcare Council.